Connect with your loved one this Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, the universal day to celebrate love. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, engaged, or married, this day sets the tone for your romantic expectations. And no matter your relationship status, the pressure is on to have an unforgettable night, whether rejoicing in singledom or wowing your loved one.

Each year, you try to make Valentine’s Day the most special one yet. This year, make Valentine’s Day special but skip the usual expensive restaurants, dramatic roses, and stunning pieces of jewelry. Instead of fighting the Valentine’s Day crowd, enjoy a relaxing, quiet night with your significant other right in your own home. We know you’re very busy and don’t get to spend as much alone time as you’d like with your better half, so lose the pressure and enjoy those precious moments you share together.

With Staples Connect, you can have a romantic evening without having to leave the comfort of your home.  You’ll get to celebrate your love in the place you feel most at peace. And instead of spending time and money shopping for the perfect token of your love, enjoy the company of your significant other.

We’re going to help you set the perfect scene to impress and surprise your loved one using your Staples Connect home automation system. Show your love in an easier, more affordable, stress-free way without losing any romantic flair—or having to find a babysitter.

The clock chimes. It’s 6:00pm, time to get dinner started. You head to the kitchen and turn on the lights.

There’s no better way to transform a room’s ambiance than the Philips Hue devices. Having the ability to control a light’s brightness and color spruces up any room in your home. But the kitchen? All the color in your countertops and cabinets glow in the colored light of your Hue Lightstrips. The Lightstrips make your delicious meal look even better, as it sits on the warmly lit countertop. With no bright lights overhead, you can relax and enjoy the mood. Savory aromas fill the room. Your food glistens. It is tantalizingly delectable.

But, before you can enjoy your delicious meal together, parenting duties call. You’ve got to make sure the kids are upstairs getting ready for bed. Being the planner that you are, you trigger your “Date Night In” Activity, sending a flurry of things into action. The front door locks.  All your Lutron shades shut. The lights in your kids’ bedrooms dim, telling them it’s bedtime, _no exceptions!_ (The D-Link camera in the upstairs hallway makes sure you don’t have any little spies.) And finally, the Philips Hue Downlamp lights in your kitchen soften and change color, setting the perfect shade for a romantic dinner for two.

Now the night can begin.

Your kitchen is twinkling. This is a perfect dinner mood, and you scoot your seat even closer to your love and slowly eat your food, enjoying every last bit of flavor you’ve put into it—and then you look up and see them. In the hazy blue light, your significant other is breathtakingly beautiful. Dinner? The need for food is gone. You think to yourself, “How did I ever get this lucky?” You place your napkin in your lap and begin to reminisce about your favorite memories together.

An hour later, you both finish your meals. Dinner was a success! Not only did you share a delicious meal together, but you enjoyed good conversation and rekindled your undying admiration for each other. Thanks to your “Date Night In” Activity, you and your loved one are feeling closer than ever.

But your night together is not over yet. You’ve still got some tricks up your sleeve. You trigger your “Just The Two Of Us” Activity and head over to the living room to cue some smooth jazz. As the saxophone starts slowly serenading you and your honey, your electric fireplace suddenly turns on thanks to your Cooper Aspire RF receptacle, your dimming modules lower your lamps and your Philips Hue Bloom begins spreading a deep red across your living room wall. The mood is officially set.

You lock eyes with one another as your better half expresses what a lovely evening they’re having with you. There’s no other place either of you would rather be. Love is most certainly in the air.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

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