Bring the excitement of the big game to your living room with Staples Connect

Superbowl Party

Fall is officially here. The air is getting crisper, the leaves are changing colors, and all flavors lead to pumpkin. No outfit is complete without your favorite jersey, and your weekends are dedicated to watching college and professional teams go head-to-head. That’s right, folks: it’s football season! At Staples Connect, we believe that the best tailgate is right in your own family room. So call your best buds, grab some beverages, order pizza and wings, and get ready to watch the big game like no other football fan before!

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a fair weather fan jumping on the latest bandwagon, watching the game in the right environment is critical to your overall game-time ritual. You wouldn’t want to watch the game at a sports bar with your rival’s decorations covering each wall and obnoxious fans booing you and your team. Nor at your grandma’s house with an outdated, fuzzy TV screen and cats jumping all over you. Never worry about unnecessary distractions again during game-time and easily control all your connected devices all from your lucky recliner. With Staples Connect, you can make your home even more exciting than watching the game from the 50-yard line!

It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re already in your favorite jersey. The pre-game show is blaring on your TV and your friends are getting ready to come over. Your favorite pizza was just delivered and there are plenty of cold drinks in the refrigerator. You’ve got a prime view of the TV screen from your recliner. As you pull the lever to put your feet up to get comfortable, the pre-game show comes to the end. The national anthem’s being sung and you dig into the first box of pizza – it’s game time!

The coin is tossed and both teams shake hands. Your opponent is preparing for kick-off when you realize you can’t see the scoreboard on your big screen due to that pesky spot of glare. How will you see the clock counting down, what quarter it is or how many time-outs your team has left? And most importantly, how will you know the score? This is no time to freak-out; you must remain calm as both teams take the field. The play is set and the kicker is ready to fire the ball down the field.

The glare on your TV gets brighter as the sun beams through the windows behind you and you spot your smartphone on the table beside you. The play begins and taking your smartphone in hand, you cue your “Game Time” Activity using the Staples Connect app. With no time to spare, your Serena shades begin to lower down and that annoying spot of glare is banished from your big screen. Now the scoreboard is completely visible and your TV is just bright enough to see the exact yard-line the ball lands on. With the ball now in play, your Phillips Hue lights turn on. Suddenly, your family room is beaming your team’s colors and your excitement for the game is colorfully brought to life.

It’s first and ten, your starting quarterback launches the ball to your wide receiver and boom, HAIL MARY! First touchdown of the game! You let every one in the house, who may not be watching as intently as you, know your team scored by using your Lutron Pico remote to light up the front foyer in your team’s colors with your Philips Hue Bloom lamps. As you jump up on your feet and excitedly cheer, you realize you’re starting to sweat. Was it that powerful of a play or is it just too warm in here to handle the intense rivalry? Lucky for you, your smart thermostat adjusted itself a few degrees cooler as a part of your “Game Time” Activity. Now you can continue showing your loyalty as obnoxiously as you want without breaking a sweat.

By now, there’s less than two minutes left in the first quarter. Where are all your pals? They were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago! Your team’s down by two and has the ball on the ten-yard line. This is not the time to worry about your friends’ problems with time management. The players are set and the quarterback yells, “Hut-hut-HIKE!” Another crucial play begins as the quarterback plans his throw. The quarterback dodges the defensive end when all of a sudden you hear your doorbell. Finally your buddies have arrived. But this is no time to peel your eyes from the TV screen; the ball is being launched. Luckily, you’ve created a special lock code for your football friends so they can let themselves in during game time without interrupting the play. Your buddies come rushing inside just in time. Your tight end outruns his defender and catches the ball – touchdown! You’re up by two touchdowns and thanks to Staples Connect, your friends caught this huge play just in time. Everyone in your living room high-fives and you proudly take the lead in singing your team’s fight song.

Watching the big game with your best buds has always been your favorite pastime and now with Staples Connect, being a football fanatic is better than ever! Set up a “Game Time” Activity to control your connected devices, like your blinds, lights, thermostat or door lock, and make game-time more exciting by limiting unwanted interruptions while watching your favorite teams. At Staples Connect we know how important your game-time rituals are. Share with us what devices make the perfect “Game Time” Activity in your own living room on our Facebook and Twitter pages and you may be featured in an upcoming blog post!

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