Back to School: Show your spirit by turning your front window to team colors

Team Colors Activity

In honor of the new school year, we’re running a series about how Staples Connect can solve your back-to-school needs. Today, in our final installment, we’ll show our support for the local football team using Staples Connect.

To close out our Back to School series, we’re going to focus on something fun. The start of school brings the start of football. The college football season is already underway, the pro season starts on Sunday, and tonight, many high school teams are playing their first or second games of the year. Many of you already support your teams but we’re going to show you how to take it to the next level using Staples Connect.
There’s a lot of ways to support your team. None are as good as going to the game. But none of them are as cool as using Staples Connect to show your team colors on game day.

We’ve written a lot over the last week about Philips Hue lights and we’re going to use them again today. They’re an easy way to add color and personality to any area, and they give you a lot of possibilities with Activities. There’s lots of varieties of Hue bulbs, so you can grab the one that’s right for your needs.

The best one for our needs today is the Hue Bloom lamp. It’s a small bulb that can stand up on its own on a table or floor and bathes an area in color. It’s not the best directional light of the strongest Hue lamp but if you want to cover a wide area—say, the wall opposite your front window—there’s none better.

To augment your already fervent team spirit, put your Hue Bloom lamp near the wall and aim it toward the wall. Then we’ll use Staples Connect to create an Activity that sets the Bloom lamp to your team’s primary color. We’ll make it a Manual Activity since team schedules are short and irregular.

To create this Activity:

  1. Tap Activities.
  2. Tap New Activity, then enter a name for your Activity.
  3. Choose “I will start my Activity with this app.”
  4. Choose the Hue Bloom lamp near the wall, then tap Next.
  5. The Hue lights allow us to change the color, saturation, and brightness. Tap Choose, then adjust the bulb’s color and saturation until it looks like your team’s colors. But make the bulb bright so that everyone can see your team spirit!
  6. We don’t need an email or push notification whenever this happens, so we’ll tap Skip. If we wanted a notification, we would set it up on this page and send it to different Users.
  7. Almost there! Once you’ve reviewed your Activity, tap Finish.

Whenever it’s time for the game, open your app and run the Activity. Your wall will turn your team’s color and everyone will know who the #1 fan really is.

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