Back to School: Banish bedtime monsters with a Pico Remote and get a good night’s sleep

 Banish Bedtime Monsters

Getting sleep is important. There’s been lots of sleep studies over the years and they all agree that not getting sleep leads to bad things. For students, long-term sleep deprivation has been a factor in lower test scores, decreased attention span, concentration, and overall academic achievement, to name a few. For parents, well, just look at the middle two reasons listed above. It’s not hard to see how decreased attention span and concentration affect your life and work too.

So what do you do when your young child keeps breaking your sleep patterns because he or she is scared?

You can get up each time, go to their room, turn on the lights, show them that there’s nothing hiding under the bed, and lose out on your sleep. Or you can use your Staples Connect system to let them turn on the light and see that there’s nothing hiding under the bed all by themselves.

Which sounds better to you?

We’re going to solve this problem using Lutron’s Pico Remotes. The family of Pico Remotes might be the Staples Connect devices we use most. They’re easy to use, super-useful for starting Activities, and small enough to fit nearly anywhere. Pico remotes can be handheld, put on a stand, put into a wall switch, and even clipped to a car visor.

They’re also sold in kits, like this plug-in dimmer and Pico remote combination. We’re going to use both of these devices today to create an Activity that lets your young child turn on the lights in their bedroom so they can see that there’s nothing underneath the bed without having to wake you.

To create this Activity:

  1. Tap Activities.
  2. Tap New Activity, then enter a name for your Activity.
  3. We need to tell your Staples Connect system what will start the Activity. Choose “The Activity will be started by one of my devices,” then choose the Pico Remote.
  4. Next, we need to choose the button on the Pico Remote that will start the Activity. Tap the Reason dropdown, then choose “Pico remote control On/Open button is pressed.”
  5. Now we need to pick the light we want to turn on. Choose the Lutron Plug-In Dimmer in your child’s bedroom, then tap Choose.
  6. Adjust the light’s settings so it’s on but not too bright. Remember, this will run at night, when we’re all trying to sleep, so we don’t want the light to be too bright. Try setting the light to 30 and see if that works well.
  7. We won’t need a notification for this Activity, so tap Skip.
  8. Review your Activity, then click Finish.

Great! Now you get to give your child a super-powerful thingamajig that can make all monsters that live under beds go away.

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