Get to know a device: GE Jasco Modules


Lots of devices are part of Staples Connect, and you probably haven’t seen many of them in action. From time to time, we’ll look at one of them closely. Maybe it’s something you can use in your home!

One of the first questions we receive when we show our friends our Staples Connect systems is, “Do I have to replace everything in my house if I want to get into home automation?” No one wants to spend thousands of dollars to get the home automation setup they want. We bought our appliances and fans and lights for a very good reason: we like them. We don’t feel like replacing them just to be able to control them on our smartphones.

This is where GE Jasco modules are helpful. You don’t have to replace your devices to automate your home. You can come as you are, bringing your home into the 21st century with these modules that allow you to turn your “dumb” devices into smart ones.

A GE Jasco module is an electrical outlet that allows your device to connect to your Staples Connect hub. It has two outlets (more on that later) and uses Z-Wave technology to connect to your mesh network.

Types of modules

There are three kinds of modules: lamp, appliance, and outdoor. Each has a specific use. Lamp modules are the basic unit. They’re rated for the low-power electrical currents that lamps use and are dimmable.

Appliance modules are similar to lamp modules but are able to handle the power requirements that larger appliances demand. This is important: don’t use a lamp module to power an appliance in your house. It’s not strong enough to handle that current and bad things will happen. Use the proper module for each situation.

Also, appliance modules are not dimmable. (This makes sense, because who would want an oven at 50% power?)

The Z-Wave plug is on the right, indicated by the sticker below it.

The Z-Wave plug is on the right, indicated by the sticker below it.

Each indoor module has two plugs. One of them is a regular outlet that’s on at all times. The other is a Z-Wave outlet (shown above, on the right) and can be turned on and off through Staples Connect. These two outlets are not the same. Only one of them can be controlled, so make sure you have the things plugged into the correct outlets if you want to be able to control them.


The outdoor module is a one-outlet appliance module built for the weather. It’s able to stand temperatures from 14 to 140° and has a weather-resistant design including a cover for the outlet (shown above, at left). This module is perfect for seasonal outdoor lighting.

Adding a module

Also, modules are one of the easiest things to add to your Staples Connect hub. To add a module:

  1. In the app, open Device Assistant, then click Add Device.
  2. Click Find. A list of devices will appear; the modules are at the top of it. Click the module you have, then click Confirm.
  3. Follow the instructions to add it to your system. All you have to do is to click the Add button in the app followed by the button on module.

And just like that, you’ve got an outlet you can turn on and off from anywhere.

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