New in Staples Connect 1.3: Connect to your hub using WiFi and new D-Link cameras

The newest update to Staples Connect is in the App Store and Google Play Store. With this update, you can connect your hub using WiFi and enjoy two new D-Link cameras.

Connect your hub to WiFi

Until now, the only option to connect your Staples Connect system was to use Ethernet (or using WPS, for those of you with a WPS-enabled router). With today’s update to the Staples Connect app, though, you can connect your hub to your WiFi network at any time. If you’re getting started with Staples Connect, you can set up your hub with a WiFi connection. If you’ve got an existing hub, you can switch from Ethernet to wireless connections at any time.

To connect your hub using WiFi, go to the Settings, then open the Hub Settings, and click Wireless. Follow the instructions and soon you’ll be enjoying your new WiFi connection.

We hope you enjoy the new WiFi option as much as we do.

D-Link Cameras

We heard you. Although you liked the D-Link cameras, many of you wanted an outdoor security camera for your system. Today, we’ve got not only an outdoor security camera but also a fancy 360° camera as well.


The D-Link DSC-7010L is a sturdy, weatherproof security camera that will serve you well for years. The camera features a solid aluminum exterior, HD picture quality, and the ability to capture images and record even at night. It’s a network camera and can be tied into your Staples Connect system.


The other camera is the D-Link DSC-6020L. This is one of the coolest cameras we’ve ever seen. It takes 180° and 360° views from any angle you set it to. We had a lot of fun testing this camera and are excited to share it with you.

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