Adding a Z-Wave device

The two most commonly asked questions about Staples Connect are “What does it do?” and “Can I add things I already have to Staples Connect?”

Today, we’re going to answer the second question, and that answer is yes. You can add your current devices to Staples Connect, and now we’re going to help you add a Z-Wave device.

When they connect, Z-Wave devices wave to each other. Each device usually has a physical Z-Wave button, and when you press it, the device puts its hand up and waves, telling any devices within earshot that it’s present and listening. (Kindly forgive its boisterousness.) Once another device does the same thing, the two devices share details and connect.

So, if you want to connect a Z-Wave device to your Staples Connect hub, you’ll need to make the two devices wave to each other.

To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Staples Connect App and tap Device Assistant.
  2. Tap Add Device, then tap Add Manually. You’ll see a list of device protocols we support.
  3. Tap Z-Wave. Your hub is now (boisterously) waving to other Z-Wave devices.
  4. Go to your Z-Wave device and press its button.

Your hub and the device will wave to each other and connect. Some devices won’t connect on the first try. Don’t worry, this happens occasionally. Give it a couple tries and you should be able to connect the device. But if you still can’t get the device to connect with your hub, call our support.

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