Make your appliance smarter

When you hear about home automation, “internet of things” or “smart devices” are usually not far behind. This is somewhat unfortunate. Although home automation involves smart devices, few people want to purchase a completely new set of devices. We want to use our current devices whenever possible alongside our new connected ones. Not everyone has smart devices, so the term makes home automation seem impractical.

But it’s not, and there’s a very easy way to make your existing devices behave like smart devices.

To do this, we’ll use modules, which allow you to turn a non-smart device into one that can be controlled from anywhere.

There are two types of modules: lamp and appliance. Each of them is rated for a specific wattage. (There’s also outdoor modules but they’re distinguished by their weatherproof design, not their rating.)

To use a module, plug it in to the outlet, then plug your light or appliance into the Z-Wave outlet. Some modules have more than one outlet, so make sure you’re plugging it into one that can be controlled remotely. Once you’ve plugged in your device, you can add it to Staples Connect and begin controlling it.

Now you can control your device from anywhere. Forgot to turn off the light when you left for work? Open the Staples Connect app on your smartphone and turn it off. Want to turn on a fan before you arrive home? Log on to the web app and turn it on.

And remember: you can change a module to another category so you’ll have no trouble remembering what type of device is plugged into it.

Modules are simple, powerful ways to automate different parts of your home. Try a lamp, appliance, or outdoor module today.

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