Get ready for bed with a “Good Night” Activity

If you’re like us, going to bed involves turning off five to ten lights, turning down the thermostat, and turning off a couple other things that are plugged into outlets. Most of the time, we’re pretty good at remembering which things to turn off but sometimes we’ll forget something and wake up to a light on in the basement (and a higher electric bill). However, with Staples Connect, we can use Pico remotes to turn off everything while we’re lying in bed.

Pico remotes are made by Lutron and were designed to work with other Lutron products like their shades and dimmers. They’re a handheld, portable second set of controls and they still do that well. But when you add a Pico Remote to Staples Connect, you can use it in Activities that control other devices, giving you a powerful remote control.

We’re going to create a “Good Night” Activity that’s activated when you press a button on your Pico remote. To make this Activity:

      1. Open the app or go to
      2. Click Activities.
      3. Click New Activity (+). Name the Activity “Good Night.”
      4. Choose “The Activity will be started by one of my devices,” then select the Pico remote.
      5. Click the Reason dropdown, then select the Pico button that you want to trigger the Activity.
      6. Choose the devices you want to control during the Activity. To start, consider adding:
        • All the lights in your house
        • Thermostat
        • Any other outlets that you want to turn off
      7. Click Choose, then tell each of those devices what they should do. You can adjust the device settings manually, grab the current settings, revert to the original settings, or test the settings before saving them.
      8. Staples Connect can send you an email or push notification when your Activity runs. To set up a notification for your Activity, enter the text for your notification (up to 140 characters) and select the users who should receive the notification. If you don’t want to set up a notification, click Skip.
      9. When you’re satisfied with everything, click Finish.

Keep your Pico remote by your bed. When you’re ready to go to sleep, press the button, watch all the lights in your house go out, and dream of lower electric bills.

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