“Good Morning!” Activities let you wake up in style

Good Morning Activity
No part of human existence occurs as automatically as the morning routine. Wake up at a certain time each day, fumblingly silence the alarm, turn on the lights, shuffle to the bathroom, make and drink a cups of coffee—these are all repeated steps that we do in our half-sleep every day. This makes them perfect candidates to be automated.

A “Good Morning” Activity can do all of these for you. (Well, most of them.) To make this Activity:

  1. Open the app or go to my.staples-connect.com.
  2. Click Activities.
  3. Click New Activity (+). Name the Activity “Good Morning.”
  4. Choose the time you usually wake up. The Activity will run at that time.
  5. Choose the devices you want to control during the Activity. To start, consider adding:
    • Your bedroom light
    • A bathroom light
    • The outlet for your coffeemaker
    • Thermostat
    • Your bedroom blinds
  6. Click Choose, then tell each of those devices what they should do. These settings have worked well for us:
    • Your bedroom light: 30% brightness
    • A bathroom light: 50% brightness
    • The outlet for your coffeemaker: On
    • Thermostat: Up to 70°
    • Your bedroom blinds: Up halfway

    You can adjust the device settings manually, grab the current settings, revert to the original settings, or test the settings before saving them.

  7. Staples Connect can send you an email or push notification when your Activity runs. To set up a notification for your Activity, enter the text for your notification (up to 140 characters) and select the users who should receive the notification. If you don’t want to set up a notification, click Skip.
  8. When you’re satisfied with everything, click Finish.

Congratulations! You’ll now wake up in style every morning. You might even be able to get rid of your annoying alarm clock.

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